Why we need Nature, solitude…..


If we think of Nature and the world we live in as just a few butterflies and moths, some mammals, plants and trees, we will never ever see how we are supposed to fit in with it.

Of course, that begs the question, are we SUPPOSED to fit? Aren’t we, as humans, the pinnacle of existence? So why then, do we even need to fit in with Nature? Shouldn’t it fit in with us?

It all depends what kind of a view we want to inculcate about this…consider for example, that our bodies contain more than 10 times bacterial cells than blood cells, and bacteria being part of Nature, makes us all, bacteria, viruses et al, part of it, whether we like it or not!

On the other hand, taking this example on board, if Nature is infinitesimally small, then it also has to be infinitely huge…..I am talking about the cosmos….galaxies, stars, solar systems, perhaps even the universe itself….all are part of Nature.

The Indians have a fine all-encompassing word for it all….they call it kudrat….which includes everything we see, hear or feel once we are born into the world…and they go further, by saying that this kudrat is a tiny part of a bigger force, a shakti, or creator. That I find is a very good escape-valve for people like me who question a creator….if you don’t want to believe in one, then by all means believe his creation..kudrat!

So what I am saying is, how can we say we are separate from Nature, when we are all “naturally-evolved” creatures ourselves?

Let’s get away from the diverging path of this discussion for a moment, as it seems to be heading towards a religious viewpoint, one that I tire of discussing!

The other point I would like to discuss with you is this….if Nature was not present, what would man consider as a retreat…a retreat from the so-called civility, which we have made essential to our daily living, but too much of which can have a devastating effect on the human ( or animal) mind.

When we are in Nature, or better still, with Nature, we can freely forget the all-pervasive clutter of civilisation…..being with Nature brings about a natural cleansing of our minds and bodies, at the same time annihilating the self-consciousness created by too much civility.

When we are with Nature, and that doesn’t have to be walking in the mountains or by the sea…you can be “with” Nature just sitting down in a quiet, leafy corner of your very own garden, it provides us with a sustaining solitude, something that takes us way back to a time when we ourselves were living amongst the animals we now have grown up to fear…..the very animals we evolved from.

Isn’t that weird….having come from those animals, we now go around arming ourselves to the teeth against them….and where we can, we go killing them for fun, or hunting them down into  extinction….

During such quiet periods when we feel at peace with Nature, we are led by the hand, into a contemplative sate of mind, which funnily enough through thousands of years of civilisation, we have come to call laziness!

And laziness, as we all know, is taboo in a civilised society…so if we do ever get to this state of mind, we very quickly shake our heads and try to “come out of it” as fast as possible, afraid of what people might say if they saw us contemplating, thinking, or day-dreaming.

But I say man is born to day-dream, born to contemplate…take that away from him and what is left? Nothing. An automaton…a mechanical robot…bereft of all thought or personality….

Solitude gives us contemplation, contemplation gives us freedom.

And freedom gives us power over time itself….even though another man may possess the power to dominate space, he is still powerless compared to the man who has control over time…his own time….if not over other people’s time!