So our tigers are still being killed by greedy money-makers…

Just a few days ago the customs authorities in Prague seized the skeletons of endangered tigers, which were destined for the black market in the Far East.

The skeletons were hidden in two loudspeakers and found by a sniffer dog in a normal routine check at the airport.

It is said that 1kg of tiger bones fetches $3000 in Asia, where herbal medicines are prepared with the material.
Despite lengthy research confirming that there is no medical benefit in eating tiger bone or medicines made from them, a flourishing market exists for the products.

How do you stop this senseless killing of beautiful wild animals? Easy…the governments should place a very heavy tax levy on all such products…that would make it economically useless to produce such medicines.

But of course, the whole system is corrupt in those countries, with government officials receiving “back-hand” fees for turning a blind eye to it….