The world’s bees are on the decline…

As I mentioned some time ago, there has been more news recently regarding the decline of bees in the world.

Funny thing is, who would have thought that bees needed conserving….I mean, bees have been universally hated by most people afraid of being stung and therefore nobody paid much attention to them!

Now it seems, that with their decline, our own existence on this planet is at jeopardy. Why? For the simple reason that without bees, most of the foods we eat will not be produced, as those foods are all reliant on pollination by bees.

I have heard outlandish claims from some scientists who who put forward the idea that man can still pollinate crops himslef, for example by dropping dry pollen over the growing plants…somehow, I don’t think Nature would allow that!

How can we help? Well, it may seem a small gesture, a drop in the ocean perhaps, but if every other person made efforts to grow bee-attracting flowers, the bee population would automatically increase. I myself plant many different flowers in my garden that attract hundreds of bees, and I’ve never been stung by any of them!

I’ll give you a short list later today of which plants are easiest to grow…keep it here, pls!