Hi and welcome to wildernesswalking123!

Who am I? I’m Jack, and I hail from England originally, where I grew up, studied and worked for a while, that is, until one bright day, I decided I needed to move out to pastures anew, so I emigrated to Canada, just like that!

Well, I did it for a laugh really, and lo and behold, about 6 months later, I got accepted! That was when I started dithering, nail-biting, walking up and down in my room and being a general nuisance.

What was I to do? Shall I go? Shall I stay? Would England survive if I left….silly thoughts like that. Anyway, a couple of months later, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. So that is how I ended up in that grand old place, Ontario.

I survived several -35C winters there, but the defining moment was one day, when I was standing next to my car, cleaning the windscreen of snow and ice, the heavens suddenly opened up…and I was covered in ice, yes, ice in seconds! Unbeknown to me, that was the phenomenon called “freezing rain”, which means it’s so damn cold, that the rain freezes as soon as it falls. That did it for me…I just couldn’t stand the cold anymore…I had to move yet again…and move I did, to the place where I live now, beautiful British Columbia….three cheers for BC…hip, hip..hooray x3!

Ok, so I know there are virtually 1000’s of sites on the web devoted to walking, hiking etc but even though I enjoy reading them, I find that more or less, the content they feature will be a reflection of what the writer likes, not what his/her readers may like!

So, with a deep, deep breath…and a sigh…I’ve taken the bold step of starting up my own blog. This one, though, will try and be as different as possible to those already existing, in that, I will try my level best to make sure it contains super-duper walking, hiking, climbing walks, in diverse settings, as can be achieved, and for all levels of people, be they new starters or experienced.

There will be hints and tips, anecdotes, books worth reading, goods and equipment to be purchased and much, much more. Oh by the way, I haven’t been paid by any particular Company or organisation to write this blog, so whatever recommendation I make here, will be through my very own experience of the product or service. I just thought I’d make that clear!

(PS as of recent, I now receive a small commission from Backcountry.com on every purchase you make…ok, it’s not much but it all adds up and helps me spend time researching the best deals and information for you, my readers!)

Last but not least, with a site like this where recommended activities and pursuits can be hazardous if the right precautions are not taken, there always has to be a disclaimer, to protect readers as well as the writer (me!).

So here we go….any goods, products, services or other suggestions or recommendations made in this blogΒ  actioned upon by readers are done so purely at the their own risk. The writer, his family or any organisations he supports are not in any way responsible for any loss, damage or injury, howsoever caused, by following the recommendations in this blog, and may not be challenged by any individual, organisation or court of law. If you have an existing medical condition, please discuss any pursuit you are thinking of undertaking with your medical practitioner.

Aside of that, welcome once again, and I hope you enjoy reading the blog!


39 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog. Neat to read that you’re from the UK and are now living in my native country. Have you come across the website of Yorkshireman “lonewalker uk?” One of my favs. Lots of long distance recounts..

  2. Hi Jack. Just saw you pop up as “following” my blog. Welcome and I’ll be returning the favor! Can’t wait to get to reading and commenting anew. I was up in Vancouver on business last year (hmm, not too many true wilderness walks in that city but I was still impressed) and loved BC. Keep blogging and hope to see you again soon online, in comments and on the trail! Cheers, Curt

    • hey, curt!
      yeah, there are a lot of wilderness areas in BC, buy u gotta leave vancouver behind!
      some areas ive been to here i wont even mention, as to do that will get everyone and his aunty clamouring to find it! some things are best kept quiet…i know you will know that….!

  3. Yaaah, another interesting person of around a vintage I can relate! Your right about walking being simple! Finding the time isn’t quite so simple but the great outdoors is an inspirational place! Thanks for following me. I also hope to create something great from my blog! I’ll also be keeping an eye out for your exciting posts from the northern hemisphere! Cheers!

  4. Thank you for following our blog. The closes we come to wilderness is our local metroparks. Nowhere near as beautiful or interesting as where you live, but it does help us get away from the constant noise.

  5. Thanks for the reblog and following my adventures, not to mention the opportunity to discover your wonderful blog. The rabbit hole of your stories and interesting reblogs awaits with a good cup of tea while the snow still falls this afternoon πŸ™‚ Cheers!

    • well, thank you very much for the overly praiseworthy comments!
      i always try to think out f the box, take life at a tangent rather than straight on….and am always receptive to stories or anecdotes about the mystery of life…hope you enjoyed reading them!
      and yours is one helluva blog, too….im trying to soak it all up like a sponge!

  6. You are a riot!
    Your new career could be in comedy~
    Can truly relate to the freezing cold, having spent many winter vacations in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
    Love your Blog and your thinking!

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