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This section has been incorporated so that any reader who has found a unique walk or hike, can let us know about it, by either writing a little about it and emailing me, where I will be happy to add it to the walks on this blog, or just let me know where the walk is, and I will take it from there.

Before anybody asks me, no, there won’t be any payment for your suggestions, but hey, we walkers are a generous bunch, so why would we ask for money just for a little bit of advice?

Seriously though, this blog is geared up  to run with advice from all sides, me, as well as you, the readers, so….keep it here!

2 thoughts on “Add your walk

    • hi, and thanks very much for dropping in!
      i really enjoyed reading about the 4 pass loop trip….one day, i hope to take a mosy over to colorado and check it out! ive always wanted to do some walking in colorado..will make a change from walking in our rainforest areas here in BC!

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