Books to read

A selection of books to read…updated regularly!

Latest selection of books I’ve read (as at 26th June 2013):

In the Country of Empty Crosses–Arturo Madrid
Fire in The Mind–George Johnson
Bless me, Ultima–Rudolfo Anaya
Nothing Happened and then it Did–Jake Silverstein


Utah Canyon Country– by Kathy and Craig Copeland

Wilderness Survival–by Gregory J Davenport

The essential wilderness navigator–by David Seidman and Paul Cleveland

Bushwack- a serial story of off-trail hiking & camping in the wilderness pf the Pacific Northwest–by Gerald M Chicalo

The Lone Star Hiking Trail–by Karen Borski Somers

The Survival handbook–by Colin Towel

The art of keeping your ass alive–by Cody Lundin

How to think like a survivor–by Tom Watson

4 thoughts on “Books to read

  1. “Freedom of the Hills” is a fantastic book to have in the library. This title is regularly updated and offers a complete technical manual for how to move across all kinds of terrain.

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