Green Policy

Since the very first day when I went on my first guided walk in the Mt Rainier area in Washington State, USA, uppermost in my mind was the fact of how these walks were affecting the wilderness eco-system, and how or what the organisers were tackling the issues.

For instance, how were the proceeds from paying tourists being utilised? Was any amount being used in the upkeep of the areas? Were the organisers supporting any conservation projects, or liaising with local communities about the treasure on their doorsteps?

Not surprisingly, the vast amount of walking or hiking organisers fail miserably in this aspect.

That, in a nutshell, is one of the aims of my blog, once it gets established. I will be setting up guided and self-guided trips, and of course, for the guided trips, there will inevitably be a small charge, a percentage of which will go towards either existing conservation projects, or projects which my readers suggest.

In this way, we can all be certain that we have done as much as we physically can to enable everyone to enjoy this treasure, not only in our lifetimes, but also for the future generations.



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