A New Year….a pair of new boots…!

With the start of a New Year, what is the one most important items for an outdoors man or woman? Boots, of course! Without a sturdy, waterproof pair of boots, any hike or outdoor pursuit can rapidly become a soggy nightmare…trust me, I’ve been there! Before investing my hard-earned cash in a decent pair, I … Continue reading

The world’s bees are on the decline…

As I mentioned some time ago, there has been more news recently regarding the decline of bees in the world. Funny thing is, who would have thought that bees needed conserving….I mean, bees have been universally hated by most people afraid of being stung and therefore nobody paid much attention to them! Now it seems, … Continue reading

Intrepid Englishwoman…but afraid of the water!

Recently I was talking to one of my friends who is also a keen hiker just like myself, and he told me a story that at first I thought was one of his usual leg-pulls! He was telling me about a girl who apparently paddled the whole length of the United Kingdom, a total of … Continue reading

My favorite outdoors shop has a great idea for Xmas!

Over the past, we’ve talked about various pieces of equipment that can make our lives easier and safer when out and about. And many of those items have been from my favorite outdoor activity shop MEC here in Vancouver. Now, MEC have launched a wonderful idea just in time for Xmas. It’s their very own … Continue reading

The lost bee…

“There are bees in every hive with inherent imperfections: they cannot navigate from the directions given by others. They fly off everywhere. They are always getting lost. They never gather much pollen. Yet, by an incongruous twist of fate, these bees can still dance directions to others. And so they occasionally return from their misguided … Continue reading