Here’s news for wilderness walkers!

Yep, this should surprise you guys a little!

Yes, I’ve done dozens of walks…yes, I’ve become lost sometimes…yes, I’ve almost become a meal for wild animals…yes, I’ve burnt my shelter to the ground…etc etc.

But I’ve never, ever been able to overcome one thing. What’s that?

Well…er….I’m afraid of the dark…! No jokes, it’s true.

If anyone tells me to walk to the end of my garden at night…in the pitch black darkness, I’ll run a mile.

I don’t know how I came to be like this, but I’ve a fair idea that some of my mother’s stories she told us when we were kids did not help at all…like telling us not to leave our arms hanging out from our beds when asleep, as a spirit would pull it down.

Or not to talk or watch or read about ghosts, death or wild animals before going to bed, as they would haunt you in your dreams.

Those used to be our bedtime stories…and after telling us the stories, she used to laugh with a half, friendly-half maniacal grin…we never knew if she was laughing or planning to be the next axe-murderer, you know!

So, whenever I’m in the wilds alone, I always have a fire burning to provide light and comfort to a scaredy-cat mind! Even at home, if I’m alone, I sleep with the light on….!

Nobody has been able to cure this fear….I’ll probably die with it!