A really wonderful blog….

If like me, you’re a lover of tales from the wild, wild west, you couldn’t do worse than to drop in to one of the best blogs I’ve ever had the fortune to discover…it’s written by a great guy called Jed and you can read it here

Do drop in if you can…I’m sure you’ll love it!


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Where did he go….

Recently…I lost a very close relative…not just a relative…he was also my best friend…

Even now….almost a month later..I cannot fathom why he left the world so young….

He was always full of love …..and life…..always laughing, joking, singing……never a cross word did he say to anyone…his favourite words to anyone annoying or cursing him were….”enjoy your life and be happy…..”

Yesterday…I had a dream….in that dream…I saw him walking around in some town…don’t know where….walking amongst a crowd of other people….he looked lost….searching here and there….i recognised him in the dream….realised it was him….but didn’t go near him to ask what he was doing there….i just quietly acknowledged him….and then….i woke up!

What did this mean? Is it just because we always talk about him in the day time? Or is there some kind of message there? I say this because I am pretty damn sure…that he did not want to leave this world yet….aside of this dream, I have had a few more…and he always seems sad and miserable in them….

Why? I don’t know….

Another dream….

A few days ago, one of my best friends sadly passed away.

He was a gentleman, in the true sense of the word.

Two days later, I had a dream, in which I’m walking down some kind of a school or hospital…and behind me, is my friend, following behind me, arms by his side, head bowed down, not looking happy at all.

Was it real? Was it a message from him? I truly do not know. But I know it was very definitely him.