A story to warm your hearts!

This story when I first came across it, really had me wondering what we humans think of ourselves.

We think we are the best thing in the universe since sliced bread…and more.

But if we were in the same position as the tigress I am going to tell you about, would we do the same?

I sincerely doubt it!

Apparently a tigress in a Californian zoo gave birth to 3 cubs, who died unfortunatelt due to being born prematurely.

Soon after, the mother went into a kind of a depression, the shock of losing all her cubs….she stopped eating and became increaisngly withdrawn.

The keepers noticed this and became very worried for her….

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Is this the very last plea from a dying people, possibly?


In 2003, the US government’s men came for the horses.

They used a helicopter to stampede them, to frighten them….some were trampled, some gave birth prematurely, some just ran and ran till they died of exhaustion.

The government people were armed, so resistance was futile.

At the end of the day, 500 horses were sold off to a local American farmer. Later, 50  carcasses were found dumped…these had died of starvation.



The horses belonged to Carrie Dann, a Shoshone grandmother. She doesn’t like talking about it, aside of saying that Indians love horses. That is all she says.

That last round up of the horses was just one of four military style operations set up by the longest running land disputes in the history of America.



For more than 30 years, Carrie and her late sister Mary, have fought the USA government for Shoshone rights to 60m acres of land, around Nevada and neighboring states.

Unfortunately, the dispute has hardly scratched the American conscience.


However, at one point, the United Nations demanded that the US government halt all actions against the Shoshone and find a solution acceptable to them and in accordance with their rights.

To date, nothing has been done that can be seen as a move in the right direction.

A very, very sad period for the Shoshone…and perhaps other indigenous peoples of America. When will these peoples, the real Americans, see justice? It doesn’t look likely…..

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