I’m vegan, so my dog should be too….

Yes, I heard this story today as well!    What rubbish!

OK, I do agree that there are some people who have an aversion to eating meat or dairy products etc, and fair do’s to them if they want to avoid eating anything like that.

But the buck must stop somewhere. If Nature wanted to make sure some animals remained vegetarian, then it has done a good job about it. It has created herbivores, omnivores and carnivores, period. There is no halfway thing about it; they’re either one or the other.

A cow must eat cellulose from plants as it’s system is designed to work that way. A dog can eat cellulose (vegetables) and survive, but what a miserable life it will have. It cannot complain as it does not talk, and so in order to survive it will bow to it’s master’s wishes and eat whatever is put down before it.

But a dog needs meat. In the wild, dogs and their nearest relatives eat meat. Never in the wild do you see a carnivore kill another animal, and move to a field containing spinach and start eating that instead of the animal it has killed!

So, cut a long story short….if  vegetarians do not wish to feed their pets with meat, then there is one, short, sharp answer to that….do not keep an animal as a pet which needs meat…simple.

By the way, I have been a vegetarian in the past. It never made me any healthier or fitter, neither did it make me more intelligent. In short, it did nothing, aside of torment my mind about what I was missing….all those juicy roast chicken legs…juicy steaks….sizzling bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning….mmmm! In the end, I gave up and went back to eating both, vegetables as well as meat or eggs.

And I’m much happier now. Please don’t punish your pet by forcing it to eat something it does not, or cannot, eat properly.

Cat=meat     Dog=meat+veg    hamster=veg     guinea pig=veg

Of course, what I have said above doesn’t apply to experienced woods-people…we are used to eating whatever we can find or kill in the wilderness…no time for molly coddling there, I’m afraid!


STOP PRESS! My partner is not so gentle after all!


Readers who had a read of my post yesterday about my dog Shera, and how docile and gentle he is, need to read this today!

This morning, whilst walking in a local park off leash, we saw a lady with a terrier also walking her dog. No problem I thought, as I’d seen that woman several times before and the most that happens is that Shera goes up to the dog, sniffs around as dogs do, and walks back to me.

Well what happened today was exactly what I describe above…Shera went over to sniff around and then walked away. Normally, we do about 3 rounds of the park before going back home, as Shera is a big guy and needs to run around quite a lot.

Anyways, we went round the 2nd time and of course met up with the same woman again. She as well as I just ignored the dogs, knowing that they knew each other well enough now, when suddenly, I looked back to find Shera snarling and standing over the little terrier, who was in the submissive position on his back.

But my dog wouldn’t stop, the woman’s screaming not helping ease the tension at all. I immediately rushed over to them, shouting and trying to get a hold of my dog, but without success. The other dog managed to get up and ran away, but Shera again downed him, and again I tried unsuccessfully to stop the fight.

The little dog got up again and ran across a busy road, with Shera chasing him, despite my calls and shouts to him to stop. I spotted my dog some 100 yards away walking back to the park, the other dog nowhere in sight.

I of course apologised profusely to the lady and told her where I had seen her dog and she walked after it, muttering abuse at me. I just hope her dog was not injured in the fight, as from a distance it looked quite vicious…there was no sign of any blood on my dog, so I can only assume it was more bark than bite thankfully.

With Shera back on the leash, I scolded him as seriously as I could, and to tell the truth, felt like giving him a few good thumps as well, but managed to control my anger at him. He took it like a guilty criminal, standing there next to me, whilst other walkers gave us a dirty look and made me feel like an idiot!

So, punch line is this…..no matter how gentle or docile you think and animal is, never, ever place full trust in them….they can turn any time. From now on, Shera will be on leash if there are dogs around whom we do not know well.

What a day!


Meet my partner!

Just thought you may like to meet my partner in crime, Shera!

Shera is around 3.5 years old and came to us when he was just 6 weeks old..a little bundle of fun!

I honestly think we’ve been really lucky with Shera, as a more intelligent, docile, and gentle dog I have never ever seen. Ok, so he does bark and pull on his leash whenever we pass another dog, especially if it’s a male, but aside of that, he races back when called, never, ever poos or pees indoors, eats what we give him (I prepare his food fresh every morning and evening myself..fresh meat..no tinned stuff!) and looks after the house when we’re not there. A real gentle giant.

He comes with me on most walks I undertake and is really useful to have around in the wild (as is any dog).

I’ve had so many offers from owners of female alsations for breeding from Shera so other people must sense his qualities too.

Anyways, that’s Shera! Hope you like him.