Taking up an outdoor activity for the first time?

I know from experience what a shock it is when you first decide to take up a new outdoor activity.

And the shock is nothing to do with the activity itself…it’s the price of the equipment!

It just doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment when you may just change your mind on the first trial.

But never fear, help is here….in the form of a superb rental scheme set up by MEC, suppliers of outdoor equipment.

Rather than spend hours listing it all, just click here to see what is on offer for you.





Why don’t we change ourselves first?

Everyone wants to change everyone else.

Christians want to change the world to their belief.

Muslims want to change people to Islam.

But…isn’t it better..to change ourselves first?

If we do that, and start accepting others and their beliefs, rather than arguing which one is the best, then we won’t need to convert anyone!

If we say, that Christ, Buddha et all…are in each and every one of us, then there’s no argument, is there?