Is there truth in some stories you hear?

During my many visits to the Far East, I heard this story from an old lady in a remote village, which she relayed through her son who spoke English.


Respect all living things as you would respect your own humankind, she said. If you ever see a bird who has made a nest in your house or garden, or who is making a nest, do not stop it, or do not destroy it’s nest. For if you do, your own house will suffer.


Back home, one day I was just clearing up the used dishes in my kitchen, while looking through the window at my neighbour’s opposite house some distance away.

I noticed the guy who lives there, climbing a ladder outside his house, reaching up just underneath the rain gutter, and pulling out what looked like grass. I looked again and then noticed he had a round bird nest in his hand, and as he tilted it, out fell some eggs.

I didn’t think twice about it until 2 months later, when we met briefly as I was washing my car. He came over and said hello, etc but looked kind of sad. I asked him if anything was wrong, and he said yes, his wife walked out on him recently and left him on his own with 3 kids to take care of.

Then I remembered that old lady’s story above….

Is there truth in that story? You tell me….




I can understand that guy….

Just read a book called “Out there” (forgot the name of the writer!).

In it, the writer talks about the time when he had come back to civilisation after a prolonged stay in the Northern Territories of Canada, and how he couldn’t handle all the noise around him in his modern house!

He talks about difficulty falling asleep due to noise from his tabletop clock, the hum of the fridge downstairs, the noise of traffic outside his window and finally, he even is able to hear the hum from the electric cables buried inside the wall behind his bed!

I must say I sympathise with him. After having been in the wilderness, whenever I come back to town, I too hate all that noise. But, once I stand underneath that lovely hot shower, everything is forgiven!