Is there truth in some stories you hear?

During my many visits to the Far East, I heard this story from an old lady in a remote village, which she relayed through her son who spoke English.


Respect all living things as you would respect your own humankind, she said. If you ever see a bird who has made a nest in your house or garden, or who is making a nest, do not stop it, or do not destroy it’s nest. For if you do, your own house will suffer.


Back home, one day I was just clearing up the used dishes in my kitchen, while looking through the window at my neighbour’s opposite house some distance away.

I noticed the guy who lives there, climbing a ladder outside his house, reaching up just underneath the rain gutter, and pulling out what looked like grass. I looked again and then noticed he had a round bird nest in his hand, and as he tilted it, out fell some eggs.

I didn’t think twice about it until 2 months later, when we met briefly as I was washing my car. He came over and said hello, etc but looked kind of sad. I asked him if anything was wrong, and he said yes, his wife walked out on him recently and left him on his own with 3 kids to take care of.

Then I remembered that old lady’s story above….

Is there truth in that story? You tell me….





What if it all turns out like this….then what?

I read somewhere about a guy who had just come back from the brink of death, that is, he had an out-of-body experience as they say (OBE).

Now I have a very keen interest in this, as so far, nobody who has died has been reliably able to contact any living people to tell them what happens “over on the other side”.

I have reached the stage where I am beginning to doubt what the religions say about what happens when we die.

I think most of what religion says is a form of sooth-saying, for want of a better word. In other words, it offers us the possibility of a better life, everlasting or not after we die. I suppose it’s the ultimate form of balm for bereaved souls.

But this guy I read about, he says that what he saw when he had technically died, has led him to his present conclusions.

What he says is this; whatever we believe in, is exactly what we will see when we die. In other words, if we believe in a heaven (providing we have been good boys and girls whilst on earth!), we will see a heaven where we will live forever.

If we believe in a hell (and have been naughty boys and girls), we will see hell and get a privileged seat forever there.

If we believe in a god who came to earth as Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha etc, that is what we will see. If we are christians, we will see Jesus, if muslims we will see Mohammed and so on.

And he also has mentioned one other thing that he saw quite clearly; each of us have our own place to go after death. A christian will not find himself in a place where Hindus have gathered nor will a muslim find himself where christians have their place etc. So whatever our beliefs whilst we are living, is exactly what will be manifested before us after death.

So to me….that sounds like a game! Maybe, as I have postulated before here…maybe that’s all there is to it! It’s just dependant upon what we think and what we retain in our little heads at the instant of death.

Another quick story that comes to mind here…it’s from the Sikh faith…and serves to illustrate what we are talking about here.

It relates the story of an old ascetic, a holy man, lying outside on his bed, under the shade of an apple tree. The man is dying and is on his last few breaths…when his eye spots an beautiful apple, so red and luscious, on the tree. At that very moment, the man wishes if he could taste the thing and savour the sweet flavour. Whilst thinking so, he takes his final breath and dies. Immediately, his soul reaches the “other side”, wherever that is…and he his given the chance to savour his apple….as he reincarnates as a maggot in that very same apple!

True or not, it shows you what I mean.

I leave you with another thought…what if…just before dying, we think there is nothing after death..just quiet..then what?

Will we be met by nothing more than total silence…forever? In which case, all those hymns we heard as children or adults were a waste of time?