Talking about journal making…..


I always have a journal or a notebook with me wherever I go, whether it’s on a month long hike in the Yukon or a days walk around BC.

It helps me relax and muse on the places I went to or the feelings I had at the time. And sometimes my notes trigger off new ideas or new places to visit as well.

Recently, I was about to buy some handmade journals which contained photographs, writing, names, logos etc taken from magazines. I make journals like these all the time (you may have seen photos of the one I made here in my previous post).

But what I was told by a friend made me stop buying the journals, He said that nobody can use material which does not belong or was not created by himself in his own work, and then go on to sell it.

If the work you create using this material is for your own private use only, then apparently it’s fine. Well, thank god for that, I thought, as I plainly make journals like that, but only for myself!

Can any reader here please confirm what I heard is true or not? Are all those 1000s of sellers on Etsy  taking part in copyright infringements by using scraps of photos etc from magazines, books, newspapers etc?


Yes, I know this is a blog about hiking, but….

You may be forgiven for thinking that this is supposed to be a blog that deals with hiking and stuff only.

Yes, I agree, BUT…there are other things that are just as interesting in this world of ours…..especially journaling! I’ve always had some kind of a notebook, diary or journal with me, ever since I was about 6 or 7 years old, and boy, do those make funny reading!

And I’ve carried on writing my thoughts, adventures, affirmations, dreams etc since then.

Recently, I had a brain-wave….why not make my own journals?

Well, I don’t know a thing about book-binding etc, so I cheated, by buying little notebooks ready-made, and personalised them to my own tastes.

They inspire me, freshen my mind every time I pick them up and flick through them. Even though I made them that way myself, every day I find something new in them, a hidden message.

Here’s a few views of just one of them for you:


Picture 364 Picture 365 Picture 366 Picture 367