My favorite outdoors shop has a great idea for Xmas!

Over the past, we’ve talked about various pieces of equipment that can make our lives easier and safer when out and about.

And many of those items have been from my favorite outdoor activity shop MEC here in Vancouver.

Now, MEC have launched a wonderful idea just in time for Xmas.

It’s their very own gift card, which you can give to your nearest or dearest (or both!) as an Xmas present, saving you the time and hassle of searching for the right gift and wasting countless hours that you can spend at home relaxing!

The gift card can be purchased online entirely (although there is an option to have it mailed to you via normal post (snail-mail).

You can choose from a whole range of photos for the front of the card as well…amounts you can put on the gift card range from $25 to $250, more than enough to satisfy every taste…and pocket!

Click here to find out more….



Our bees are dying out!

It’s not often we thank insects for making our lives livable on this planet.

usually, we are the first to squish an insect soon as we see it.

But few people know that if it weren’t for bees, almost every sign of life we see around us, would not be there, period.

Because it isΒ  bees who pollinate flowers, which in turn give us fruits and vegetables. Without bees, none of the wondrous flora we see would exist.

So it is an urgent message that we hear from scientists nowadays, when they say that the world’s bees are dying out, the biggest reason being habitat loss.

In Europe alone, they estimate that over the past 100 years, the bee population has dwindled by 75%….that is serious.

How can we help bees in our area? Easy…just set aside a small area of your garden where you can plant pollen-rich flowers, such as lavender, nasturtiums, poppies cornflowers and primroses etc.

Or maybe grow them in a hanging basket if you don’t have the space in a garden.

I always have 3 or 4 large pots on my balcony set aside for planting wildflowers in. And apart from the beautiful colours of the flowers, they attract bees all the time in the summer.

Help them to help us, you could say!



Why does it have to be this way?

Even though we have laid bare 99% of the worlds’ wilderness areas, there still remain places that have yet to feel the force of mankind.

By that I mean man’s overwhelming desire to fence everything, cage everything, name everything, prevent free access to everything, bring about draconian laws to prevent free access to as many places as possible, to limit free-thinking people from enjoying themselves.

I’m of the belief that this planet is part of us, much as we are part of it. We need to feel that association, if not always, at least now and then. But what do the law-makers do? Let’s use that old hippy term for them…let’s call them “The Man”!

The Man wants to block access, free access that is. If he can make money by charging people to experience what Nature intended to be free, then The Man is happy, very happy. Just like that song “…paid paradise, put up a parking lot…”

So what’s the answer? In short, let’s get out there as often as possible and enjoy whats left, before The Man gets to it!