Have a browse through my top equipment supplier

Over the years, I have used clothing and equipment from many different suppliers, some good, some not so good!

In the end, I settled on just one, and that is MEC, an organisation that is second to none in customer care and service.

Suffice it to say, that MEC are the only wilderness equipment supplier in Canada, possibly the whole world, who actually love what they are selling you equipment for!

By that I mean, simply, they’re not just in it for the money, period! Yes, I know, businesses exist in order to make money, but this place is different. From the way they manage the business, to the way they fund conservation projects, right down to how the place is owned and run as a co-operative…in other words, the workers own the place. And because of that, you will find that the Staff at MEC bend over backwards to help you get just the right stuff for your particular uses.

Words alone aren’t enough to truly express the service you get there; go visit them and see!   This is where they are.