Why do governments do that?

Another question I have asked many a time, without finding any answers.

Why do governments try and keep, possibly life-enhancing facts, from the general public?

Amongst this, is what many say is the cure for cancer. It is said that a cure was found many years ago, for most of the known cancers anyway, but there has been a general movement to suppress the cure, orchestrated of course by the major pharmaceutical giants and world governments colluding together.

Then another even bigger form of suppression, that to do with life elsewhere in the universe. The other day, I read about a guy called Andrew Basiago, a lawyer in the USA, who is leading a movement called MARS…Mars Anomaly Research Society, and who is convinced that Mars not only was, but still is inhabited.

Basiago came to these startling conclusions when his team analysed photos taken by NASA’s exploration vehicle Spirit. The photos show, he says, humanoid presences, including carved statues and figures, tunnels, flowing water and trees, or remnants of trees.

He also says that the US government has been involved in experiments with time warp travel and quantum techniques since the 1960s, under the pseudonym DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which led to the now infamous Philadelphia and Montauk experiments conducted by the US Navy in the 1940s (read about it here).

Whether Basiago is telling the truth or is just out to get publicity is another matter–what is of grave concern is the fact that many, many things that could well be useful to us all are deliberately being hidden by people in high places shall we say.

My question is as always — why?