A New Year….a pair of new boots…!

With the start of a New Year, what is the one most important items for an outdoors man or woman?

Boots, of course!

Without a sturdy, waterproof pair of boots, any hike or outdoor pursuit can rapidly become a soggy nightmare…trust me, I’ve been there!

Before investing my hard-earned cash in a decent pair, I spent and wasted so much time and money on inferior but cheap products…I’d buy a fabulous-looking pair of boots for a knockdown price, and during the first trip wearing them, I’d destroy my hike…the boots that looked so strong and invincible in the shop, now belaying their true nature!

It’s only after several such forays, that I learnt my lesson, and just in time too.

So, what do we need to look for in a pair of boots?

Here’s a short but comprehensive checklist for you:


  • Lightweight. Backpacking experts say every extra pound on the feet is like carrying 5 or 6 pounds on your back, so purchase the lightest boots that fit your needs.
  • Comfortable, yet supportive. There should be plenty of room for your foot to swell after a long day of hiking, but not so much room that it slides around inside the boot.
  • Non-slip in varied terrain. A good hiking boot or shoe should be able to maintain a firm grip in rugged terrain, on scree, in mud and, most important, on wet surfaces.
  • Designed to release mud. If mud builds up in the lugs of your boots, it can severely compromise your traction. Look for boots with widely spaced, aggressive lugs that shed mud with little to no effort on your part.
  • Waterproof. If you frequently hike in wet or damp conditions, a waterproof boot or shoe will help keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Breathable. Summer hiking requires your feet to breathe so they don’t get too sweaty. Some hiking boots and shoes have uppers made of mesh to allow airflow. Some heavy-duty boots have breathable liners to keep feet comfortable.

What’s your hiking style? Your preferred hiking destinations, style and season will determine your choice of footwear.

How sensitive are your feet? The more sensitive your feet are, the stiffer a sole you’ll need to protect them from rugged terrain. This goes double if you’re backpacking; you need the stiffness to protect your feet under the extra weight.

Do you need a waterproof membrane? If you often hike in wet or cold conditions, a breathable waterproof membrane will keep water out and release sweat as it accumulates. However, when water gets in it can’t get out and the boot can take a long time to dry when emptied. It also tends to be hot in warm weather, so look for this feature only if conditions warrant.

Shop later in the day. Your feet tend to swell throughout the day and on long hikes, so shop once you’ve already been on your feet for a while; otherwise, your “just right” boots may turn out to be too small.

Err in favor of a larger size if you plan to hike long distances. Your feet may swell a half-size to a full size larger than usual during these trips. This doesn’t mean you should size up from a perfect fit, but if you’re in between sizes, going up is usually the best choice.

Wear the socks you intend to wear while hiking. They can make an enormous difference in fit, especially since wool hiking socks tend to be thick. If you don’t already have socks to hike in, purchase them when you try on your boots.

Test hiking boots while wearing a loaded backpack. This is especially important if you carry a heavy pack. It’s the only way to be sure the boots will remain comfortable and supportive under your typical load.

And here is a pair of excellent boots, available from MEC stores in Canada:

Scarpa SL Active Backpacking Boots (Men's)

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Best priced hiking multi tool for hiking and camping

You know how it is when you’re out hiking or camping and you need to use a number of tools to get something done?

At times like that, and tell me, who hasn’t had times like that, rather than carry a huge, heavy, stamina-sapping range of tools, I have always carried a multi tool.

Sure, there are 1001 types around these days, some very expensive, some not so. But in my opinion, the price is not that much of a worry; for me, the quality is paramount, for what do you do if your multi tool fails when you are in the middle of nowhere!

That’s why I normally opt for the very best stuff I can afford and which I won’t need to keep replacing every few months.

Such a tool is the Leatherman Wave multi tool. At a fair price of around C$77 and with FREE shipping, you cannot go far wrong.

Let me list it’s features for you rather than ramble on about it:

Handle Material Stainless steel

Blade Length 7.4cm

Number of Knives 2

Bit Driver(s) Yes

Bits Included 4

Bottle Opener Yes

Can Opener Yes

Diamond File Yes

Eyeglasses Screwdriver Yes

Flathead (Slot) Screwdriver Yes

Metal File Yes

Phillips (Cross) Driver Yes

Pliers Needlenose and regular

Ruler Yes

Saw Yes

Scissors Yes

Wire Cutter Regular and hard wire

Wire Stripper Yes

At a weight of just 241g, this tool surely is hard to beat. The design is such that it is easy in the hand and all the tools feature large thumb holes, enabling you to open them with one hand if need be.

I’ve had mine for a long, long time and haven’t been able to break any of the tools as of yet, heavy-handed as I am!

I thoroughly recommend this item and give it my highest rating of 5 stars!

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