Best priced hiking multi tool for hiking and camping

You know how it is when you’re out hiking or camping and you need to use a number of tools to get something done?

At times like that, and tell me, who hasn’t had times like that, rather than carry a huge, heavy, stamina-sapping range of tools, I have always carried a multi tool.

Sure, there are 1001 types around these days, some very expensive, some not so. But in my opinion, the price is not that much of a worry; for me, the quality is paramount, for what do you do if your multi tool fails when you are in the middle of nowhere!

That’s why I normally opt for the very best stuff I can afford and which I won’t need to keep replacing every few months.

Such a tool is the Leatherman Wave multi tool. At a fair price of around C$77 and with FREE shipping, you cannot go far wrong.

Let me list it’s features for you rather than ramble on about it:

Handle Material Stainless steel

Blade Length 7.4cm

Number of Knives 2

Bit Driver(s) Yes

Bits Included 4

Bottle Opener Yes

Can Opener Yes

Diamond File Yes

Eyeglasses Screwdriver Yes

Flathead (Slot) Screwdriver Yes

Metal File Yes

Phillips (Cross) Driver Yes

Pliers Needlenose and regular

Ruler Yes

Saw Yes

Scissors Yes

Wire Cutter Regular and hard wire

Wire Stripper Yes

At a weight of just 241g, this tool surely is hard to beat. The design is such that it is easy in the hand and all the tools feature large thumb holes, enabling you to open them with one hand if need be.

I’ve had mine for a long, long time and haven’t been able to break any of the tools as of yet, heavy-handed as I am!

I thoroughly recommend this item and give it my highest rating of 5 stars!

Check it out here

Best priced, high spec tent for hiking! From MEC

No unecessary bumpf, no story-telling, no nothing!

You want the best tent your hard-earned cash can buy?

One that’ll last and last for years and years?

And one that you won’t need to save and save for?

This is it, period      >>>>>


Price: Cdn$249…..FREE shipping within Canada (USA shipping US$19)

What are you waiting for?