Killing of wolves in the USA…

I read somewhere, don’t know where, but on the internet for sure, that some people from a government-backed organisation in the USA are planning to kill whole packs of wolves.

As you can imagine, it’s not an easy task on foot, so some bright spark suggested they do it from the air, from a small plane I suppose.

Ok, no matter how it’s done, it’s still a massacre of innocents, in my view.

Sure, the wolves may have taken a few sheep or cattle here and there, but whose fault is that? Who is rapidly expanding and taking over lands once roamed by wolves? Who had decimated the wolves’ food sources such as rabbits etc?

Answer? Me and you.

By increasing our land holdings, we have gradually but surely reduced drastically, the areas in which wolves, and other wild animals used to roam once. So in that situation, what choice do the animals have but to take any domesticated animals they can for food, given that their naturally available prey has been cleared by us.

And just because wild animals have started taking our own animals for food, is not a reason to go killing the, no siree…no way.

On my hikes, I’ve come very close wolves, sometimes just feet away, and never, ever have I been attacked or stalked by these majestic animals. Let’s not forget–these are the ancestors of our own lap dogs and are highly intelligent.

They don’t deserve to die like this.

Tell me what you think by leaving a comment here, please…I wanna see what everyone else thinks about this.