Best fire lighting equipment

One of the most important things we hikers need to have with us at all times, is the means of making a fire.

I don’t need to tell my readers about it, but fire is the one thing that can boost our morale when we are at an all-time low, be it through being lost, injured or just plain cold!

But factor into this the fact that you may have just climbed out of a cold, freezing river, that could well have rendered your matches etc totally useless. And let’s assume that you are so tired that the last thing you want to do is to rub 2 sticks together to make a fire.

In that scenario, you need to have an ultra reliable fire-making mechanism with you.

In the years that I’ve been hiking, I can fairly say I have tried most everything under the sun that is used to make a fire..but sadly, many of them fail miserably. However, here are a few which have been proven to work in almost any adverse condition. I have tried them myself as well, so you have my proof on that!


Here they are:

Ultimate survival Fire starting tinder–even burns when wet    $7.00

Firefly fire starter     $4.25

Light My Fire FireSteel 2.0      $11.25