Once upon a time, in the land of BC…


Once in a while, you stumble across a gem of a hike and then, you wonder if you should tell your friends all about it, where it’s situated,etc, because once you’ve let the cat out the bag, there’s no going back! That super secret trail of yours is going to be open knowledge to everyone and his aunt! And that means crowds!

That’s what I was thinking when I completed a hike in my very own stomping ground, right here in British Columbia, Canada. Shall we tell all our friends and risk losing this paradise to the crowds every year?

I’m talking about many, many years ago and at that time, the trail was not common knowledge at all. It took me and my friends around 15 days to complete it, a distance of about 100 miles in all.

We took it real easy, so’s we could soak up all that heaven-sent scenery!

Fast-forward another 20 or so years, and that trail is now so popular, everyone and their aunt DO know about it!

It’s now called the Sunshine Trail. Read all about it here or better still, come up to BC and be our guest!