Essential emergency survival tent

I’m not sure if any of my readers have experience of hiking in the high mountains or in very cold terrain, but if you get caught out in inclement weather in those places, shelter is absolutely vital.

Now whether that shelter is something you have time to knock together yourself from materials lying around or not, is debatable. I’ve constructed rudimentary shelters from branches, tree fronds, bark, etc but at times you may be in such a place where none of those items are at hand.

At times like that, you need to carry something that is easily set up and will save your life.

There are many designs on emergency shelters, but one of the best I found is shown below. It’s made out of a strong, metallised PVC based foil that refelcts your body heat back to keep you warm, and which will not tear easily, and can get you out of trouble in times of emergency.

As recommended by top survival authorities.

The cost is just US$12 plus $5 shipping (or £8 plus £3.99 if you are in Europe).

Contact me to purchase:        juniperberry123 at hotmail dot com

Well worth investing in!

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