Is there truth in some stories you hear?

During my many visits to the Far East, I heard this story from an old lady in a remote village, which she relayed through her son who spoke English.


Respect all living things as you would respect your own humankind, she said. If you ever see a bird who has made a nest in your house or garden, or who is making a nest, do not stop it, or do not destroy it’s nest. For if you do, your own house will suffer.


Back home, one day I was just clearing up the used dishes in my kitchen, while looking through the window at my neighbour’s opposite house some distance away.

I noticed the guy who lives there, climbing a ladder outside his house, reaching up just underneath the rain gutter, and pulling out what looked like grass. I looked again and then noticed he had a round bird nest in his hand, and as he tilted it, out fell some eggs.

I didn’t think twice about it until 2 months later, when we met briefly as I was washing my car. He came over and said hello, etc but looked kind of sad. I asked him if anything was wrong, and he said yes, his wife walked out on him recently and left him on his own with 3 kids to take care of.

Then I remembered that old lady’s story above….

Is there truth in that story? You tell me….




Things you dream about…

You’ve had the same thing happen, I’m sure.

You have a dream about something, maybe days or weeks, or hours before it’s due to happen…then, while you’re getting on with life, it happens!

Whatever you saw in that dream…takes place right there on front of your eyes, but you’re powerless to do anything.

Same thing happened to me this morning. Around about 5am, I had a dream that I was in some kind of shop in downtown, with a lot of people about. I was in the shop, looking at a Xmas treeĀ  placed just at the door of the shop, when suddenly lots of people started shouting, and I noticed the tree was being blown away by the wind and nobody could hold it in place. I told them to tie it down, but some people shouted me down…end of dream!

So what happened then? Well, this afternoon I decided to go and pick some groceries up at my local supermarket. When I got there, I was rather surprised to see so many people there…usually there aren’t so many. Probably due to early Xmas shopping, thought.

Anyway, I was waiting to be served at a checkout in a long line, when a middle aged couple suddenly barged to the front of the line, despite the queue. The woman flashed me a hostile look, while the man asked me if this line was for the express checkout…I said yes and pointed to the back of the line with my thumb.

Immediately, the man went red in the face…and shouted at me “…what’s the finger for…?”, to which I replied to show the back of the line. He didn’t like that, and shouted “…don’t ever use your finger to point at me again…” and walked past!

I feel my dream was a portent….showing me something would happen….ok, not exactly like I dreamt, but most of the actions were there…the crowds of people, the shouting…etc

But my point is, once again, I couldn’t do anything about it, even having dreamt that something would happen!