So long life isn’t linked to eating tiger bones then….?

My earlier post today highlighted how endangered tigers are still being killed illegally for their bones, which are supposed to have miraculous healing powers and are said to ensure long life.

Well, the latest news is that researchers have found a little village on a tropical island off China, that boasts an incredible 200 citizens out of a total of 560 000, who are over the age of 100 years old, three of whom are over 110.

The residents live in almost primitive conditions, there is no pumped water and has to be fetched from nearby wells, housing is in homes made of simple concrete, with sparse furniture…but they do have electricity at least.

Work has always been the only exercise the residents get, but it is hard work, all agricultural, planting and harvesting crops, and their diets have always been based on mainly vegetarian plant-based foods.

Aside of simple foods, they do not eat anything else that is extraordinary…no tiger bones, no bear bile extracts, no elephant tusk, no rhino tusk….no snake bile…

One thing, say the researchers is certain though….of all the long-lived populations in the world, none are in wealthy areas.

As my grand-pappy always said…”living in the woods is good for ya..”!


I’m vegan, so my dog should be too….

Yes, I heard this story today as well!    What rubbish!

OK, I do agree that there are some people who have an aversion to eating meat or dairy products etc, and fair do’s to them if they want to avoid eating anything like that.

But the buck must stop somewhere. If Nature wanted to make sure some animals remained vegetarian, then it has done a good job about it. It has created herbivores, omnivores and carnivores, period. There is no halfway thing about it; they’re either one or the other.

A cow must eat cellulose from plants as it’s system is designed to work that way. A dog can eat cellulose (vegetables) and survive, but what a miserable life it will have. It cannot complain as it does not talk, and so in order to survive it will bow to it’s master’s wishes and eat whatever is put down before it.

But a dog needs meat. In the wild, dogs and their nearest relatives eat meat. Never in the wild do you see a carnivore kill another animal, and move to a field containing spinach and start eating that instead of the animal it has killed!

So, cut a long story short….if  vegetarians do not wish to feed their pets with meat, then there is one, short, sharp answer to that….do not keep an animal as a pet which needs meat…simple.

By the way, I have been a vegetarian in the past. It never made me any healthier or fitter, neither did it make me more intelligent. In short, it did nothing, aside of torment my mind about what I was missing….all those juicy roast chicken legs…juicy steaks….sizzling bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning….mmmm! In the end, I gave up and went back to eating both, vegetables as well as meat or eggs.

And I’m much happier now. Please don’t punish your pet by forcing it to eat something it does not, or cannot, eat properly.

Cat=meat     Dog=meat+veg    hamster=veg     guinea pig=veg

Of course, what I have said above doesn’t apply to experienced woods-people…we are used to eating whatever we can find or kill in the wilderness…no time for molly coddling there, I’m afraid!