What the great outdoors can give us…

Have you ever noticed how strange your own hometown seems when you’ve just come back after spending days away on a hike in the wilderness?

Certainly, in my opinion, I need to be away for at least a week or more for that feeling to arise; otherwise going away for just a weekend or so doesn’t cut it.

Getting back to what we call civilization…sidewalks, square concrete blocks we call homes, lights, signs, weird haircuts, cars, clothes like strait jackets and cosmetics. Is this all that civilization can give us?

Comparing Nature’s wild places, forests, beaches and beasts makes us all feel so small, even if we come from cities that are full of tall, ultra modern skyscrapers. Could it be the reason why mankind is so keen to destroy, to chop down, to tame those great treasures Mother Nature has given us, because they make us feel so small? I don’t know.

Little do we realise, that if it wasn’t for the escape these wild places, these primordial wildernesses, untainted by man, the serenity of that eagle, or the freedom of the sea, we would long ago have disappeared from this planet…either that or become permanent residents in the madhouses of the world.

Like me, you may have walked amongst huge Sitka spruces, or redwoods or hemlock trees and marvelled at their ages, those massive organisms that seem to have the same essence that’s present in every human being and animal, but that we have long ago abandoned for air conditioning, electric windows or an iPhone.

I often find that once I’ve accumulated enough funds in my pocket to take care of my bills and other expenses, and am left with enough to plan another walk, another escape, that’s all the excuse I need.

I’d rather escape with those few dollars in my pocket, and go sit amongst the forests that are close to me, the rainforests or coasts of the Pacific Northwest, and sit or walk and lick my wounds that civilization gives us as a result of living within it’s confines.

I realised long ago that there is something wrong with the way we live, working like madmen to earn enough to keep the bills at bay, then drinking, partying, chasing after women like demonic possessed people, in order to try and wash away the stress caused by living.

Every morning we arise to the insult of our clocks, swallow a few mouthfuls of breakfast, and speed off to whomever we have signed up to sell our souls, in order that we may stave off the inevitable bills.

Wouldn’t it be so much better, if we could arise when our bodies were good and rested, wash leisurely, sit down to a serene peaceful breakfast, then either read quietly, or go take a silent walk among a beach or park, and only then, sit down and type a few sides of paper that will pay just enough to keep us going.

I laugh sometimes at the simple truth an old Chinese man told me. He said, “we are all locked into the 99 cycle…..a man who has 99 cents wants $99, a man who has $99 wants $999, a man who has $999 wants $9999….”! So true.

Do we have to rush to work, and then rush back home, shell-shocked, worn, tired and beaten, as if driven mad like some whipped beast from hell, shackled to an onslaught of drudgery and repetition, a yoke which all mankind has come to accept as entirely necessary.

Or why do we need to rush to our fridges when we get home, only to guzzle down as many beers as necessary that will anesthetize our souls, anesthetize the stress and anger within us, like the constant whining chant of tormented or harangued poltergeists.

Why do we arise each morning, go through the same rituals again and again, rush outside our cages we call homes, the spit at the sky and head back to the treadmills.

Wouldn’t it be better to to be able to instead listen to jazz or Beethoven, and live life at our own pace, not at the pace we are expected to live.

Yes, I do realise that these words are probably coming from an idealistic part of my head, some unknown Nirvana untouched and untamed by civilization, but I believe there is some truth in it.

I think we need to look very closely how we are living. We need to take as much as Nature has given us in those wilderness areas that are still left, for, before long, those who call themselves civilised, modernized, educated….but who seem to be mostly caged up, un-free mobs of henchmen, will inevitably come to confront us freedom lovers one day, and walk us back to our cages where they are happy to keep us always.

That’s my rant for today!

Peace, people!

Why does it have to be this way?

Even though we have laid bare 99% of the worlds’ wilderness areas, there still remain places that have yet to feel the force of mankind.

By that I mean man’s overwhelming desire to fence everything, cage everything, name everything, prevent free access to everything, bring about draconian laws to prevent free access to as many places as possible, to limit free-thinking people from enjoying themselves.

I’m of the belief that this planet is part of us, much as we are part of it. We need to feel that association, if not always, at least now and then. But what do the law-makers do? Let’s use that old hippy term for them…let’s call them “The Man”!

The Man wants to block access, free access that is. If he can make money by charging people to experience what Nature intended to be free, then The Man is happy, very happy. Just like that song “…paid paradise, put up a parking lot…”

So what’s the answer? In short, let’s get out there as often as possible and enjoy whats left, before The Man gets to it!




Why do governments do that?

Another question I have asked many a time, without finding any answers.

Why do governments try and keep, possibly life-enhancing facts, from the general public?

Amongst this, is what many say is the cure for cancer. It is said that a cure was found many years ago, for most of the known cancers anyway, but there has been a general movement to suppress the cure, orchestrated of course by the major pharmaceutical giants and world governments colluding together.

Then another even bigger form of suppression, that to do with life elsewhere in the universe. The other day, I read about a guy called Andrew Basiago, a lawyer in the USA, who is leading a movement called MARS…Mars Anomaly Research Society, and who is convinced that Mars not only was, but still is inhabited.

Basiago came to these startling conclusions when his team analysed photos taken by NASA’s exploration vehicle Spirit. The photos show, he says, humanoid presences, including carved statues and figures, tunnels, flowing water and trees, or remnants of trees.

He also says that the US government has been involved in experiments with time warp travel and quantum techniques since the 1960s, under the pseudonym DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which led to the now infamous Philadelphia and Montauk experiments conducted by the US Navy in the 1940s (read about it here).

Whether Basiago is telling the truth or is just out to get publicity is another matter–what is of grave concern is the fact that many, many things that could well be useful to us all are deliberately being hidden by people in high places shall we say.

My question is as always — why?



When I went down to the woods today…


Some time ago, I went on another jaunt into the wild….

Well, it’s not really wild…but the place is never visited by anyone..at least, I’ve never, ever seen anyone there. So in my mind, it’s a wilderness!

So anyways, I walked and walked for must have been about 30 or 40 minutes. I looked up at the sky and knew that there was going to be a very heavy downpour and it would therefore be a good idea if I built a temporary shelter of some kind, as I was planning to stay there for a couple of hours at least.

All the materials I needed were within reach, so it was just a matter of finding 4 stout branches, 2 on either side, with a longer branch straddling the two. That gave me a rudimentary tent-like frame, over which I placed other branches with leaves still on them. After a while, all 3 sides of the frame were covered nicely, with the front side left open..that was my window onto the open!

I spent a good few hours there in that shelter, whiling away the time in a pleasant stupor, thinking about hings, this and that, and finally it was time to pack up and go.

But what happened at that precise moment, had me stop and think very hard. For some odd reason, a TV advert came into my mind. In that advert, there’s a pretty lady walking along a road, with a house covered in green ivy in the background. Nothing unusual there…but wait. It came to me just then…I had seen that very house in a dream many months ago…!

Why should that house come up in my dream….and now…in that TV advert?

WOW….is all I could say! It left me speechless and thinking for many weeks!