When I went down to the woods today…


Some time ago, I went on another jaunt into the wild….

Well, it’s not really wild…but the place is never visited by anyone..at least, I’ve never, ever seen anyone there. So in my mind, it’s a wilderness!

So anyways, I walked and walked for must have been about 30 or 40 minutes. I looked up at the sky and knew that there was going to be a very heavy downpour and it would therefore be a good idea if I built a temporary shelter of some kind, as I was planning to stay there for a couple of hours at least.

All the materials I needed were within reach, so it was just a matter of finding 4 stout branches, 2 on either side, with a longer branch straddling the two. That gave me a rudimentary tent-like frame, over which I placed other branches with leaves still on them. After a while, all 3 sides of the frame were covered nicely, with the front side left open..that was my window onto the open!

I spent a good few hours there in that shelter, whiling away the time in a pleasant stupor, thinking about hings, this and that, and finally it was time to pack up and go.

But what happened at that precise moment, had me stop and think very hard. For some odd reason, a TV advert came into my mind. In that advert, there’s a pretty lady walking along a road, with a house covered in green ivy in the background. Nothing unusual there…but wait. It came to me just then…I had seen that very house in a dream many months ago…!

Why should that house come up in my dream….and now…in that TV advert?

WOW….is all I could say! It left me speechless and thinking for many weeks!