A quick hello to readers from the corners of our wonderful planet!

Hello to Fairbanks, Alaska….Hokkaido, Japan….New Zealand and Hawaii!

Thanks very much for dropping in…please bookmark this site, as I am planning to write many more very interesting articles about travel, books, mountains, deserts and also questions that continue to perplex us all….like….Why???


Best camping stove around!

You know, when was the last time you remember that you set up your camp, hauled up that tent after what seemed an eternity, got everything sorted out finally, and then….the heavens opened up!

No problem, you say….I’ll get my stove going and cook up something hot to burn away the raindrop blues. You get the stove out, set it up, light it and….phut, phut, phut! You see a flame and get the pots ready…meantime, the damn thing goes out, and try as you may, you can’t get it going again.

I can see you smiling and nodding your head! It’s happened to all of us at some time or other.

So it was wonderful when I finally trashed my old stove for something really solid, reliable and wonderfully engineered.


It’s a WhisperLite International stove and cost me just under C$100, which is not a lot to pay for the service it gives…take it from me, it’s been everywhere with me and hasn’t failed yet.

It’s been to Snowdonia in the UK when I did a trip there, on a trek out of Katmandu in India and of course all over the many trips I do in British Columbia.

Takes just seconds to set up, vitally important when your standing in rain that seems someone up there in the heavens is really determined to soak you thru and thru with his bucket loads of water!

Water for your tea, coffee, soup or what-have-you boils very quickly indeed, and if one the very odd occasion it needs a clean up, which you should be doing regularly anyway, it’s done very simply and swiftly.

Not only that, if you find you’ve can’t get your hands on gas, it’s designed to use several different fuels….in India, it ran perfectly happily on kerosine (paraffin).

All in all, a stove that I haven’t been able to fault. I got mine at my favourite camping shop in Vancouver, MEC.


Things you dream about…

You’ve had the same thing happen, I’m sure.

You have a dream about something, maybe days or weeks, or hours before it’s due to happen…then, while you’re getting on with life, it happens!

Whatever you saw in that dream…takes place right there on front of your eyes, but you’re powerless to do anything.

Same thing happened to me this morning. Around about 5am, I had a dream that I was in some kind of shop in downtown, with a lot of people about. I was in the shop, looking at a Xmas tree  placed just at the door of the shop, when suddenly lots of people started shouting, and I noticed the tree was being blown away by the wind and nobody could hold it in place. I told them to tie it down, but some people shouted me down…end of dream!

So what happened then? Well, this afternoon I decided to go and pick some groceries up at my local supermarket. When I got there, I was rather surprised to see so many people there…usually there aren’t so many. Probably due to early Xmas shopping, thought.

Anyway, I was waiting to be served at a checkout in a long line, when a middle aged couple suddenly barged to the front of the line, despite the queue. The woman flashed me a hostile look, while the man asked me if this line was for the express checkout…I said yes and pointed to the back of the line with my thumb.

Immediately, the man went red in the face…and shouted at me “…what’s the finger for…?”, to which I replied to show the back of the line. He didn’t like that, and shouted “…don’t ever use your finger to point at me again…” and walked past!

I feel my dream was a portent….showing me something would happen….ok, not exactly like I dreamt, but most of the actions were there…the crowds of people, the shouting…etc

But my point is, once again, I couldn’t do anything about it, even having dreamt that something would happen!



What if…there was nothing…?

Yesterday, in a spare moment, I suppose you could call it daydreaming, I suddenly had a thought flash up in my head.

What if there was nothing?

Yes, by that I mean…no you, no me, no world, no forests, no animals, no universe, no stars, nothing…

What would that feel like? But in saying this, I’ve obviously demolished the whole idea….how could I feel…if I wasn’t there anyway…?!

Call it a transcendental moment…or as eastern cultures call it, samadhi….

The thought stayed with me all day and made me wonder for a long, long time…