Kintla, Boulder Pass and Hole in the Wall

Jee Scapes

Laying in bed, on my side, I breathed in deep to beat back a bit of nerves rolling around my insides. Come morning my wife, Esther and I were headed out for another wilderness adventure. My mind slid over our planned route which hand-railed off a portion of the Continental Divide reaching through Glacier National Park. Snaking through the Americas, the Continental Divide is a real line separating the drainages that flow into the Pacific Ocean from those flowing into the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. Ivan and Judy, my parents we’re going to drive us to our starting point, Kintla Lake. Getting there required 11 hours of highway driving followed by many miles of dirt road winding along the North Fork Flathead River. From Kintla Lake, we would pick up the Continental Divide and make our way south.

Standing at the foot of Kintla Lake the…

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